Top Water Flow A/S got established in Norway


Top Water Flow starts working on Ballast Water Systems


Top Water Flow starts collaborating with NIVA (Norwegian Institute of Water Research). Tests were done on brackish water from a river in Norway, but they all failed to pass the minimum standards. Still, we learned a lot and got valuable input for our next successful iterations


Top Water Flow continues testing the Ballast Water Treatment system with different types of filters under different water conditions. The results from these tests made it very clear that the existing filters (those available for purchase on the market) were not good enough and a “bottleneck” for achieving the desired results

2012 – 2016

Top Water Flow develops a new filter solution, in collaboration with NIVA (Norway).
After testing the new design and the new, innovative filter for the Ballast Water Treatment, the results were beyond expectations.
The innovative team of Top Water Flow created the ultimate solution for Ballast Water Treatment


Top Water Flow made a strategic decision to open an office in China, in order to collaborate closer and more intense with Shanghai Ocean University (SOU), a world leader within the marine science.
Encouraged by the positive results of the tests with NIVA in Norway, R&D continued in China in one of the most challenging environments world wide, Shanghai Port – Yangshan Port.
This cooperation with Shanghai Ocean University, the continues R&D, and the tests in Shanghai Port resulted in further improvement of the performance and design of the filters


The final tests at Shanghai Port of the Top Water Flow Ballast Water System were a great success, and passed the 37-micron mesh test under the following water conditions:

  • TSS 600
  • Biology 19,500/m³
  • Over 250m³/hour testing flow

Testing Results: 0 organisms over 50 micron

The results were ground-breaking, Top Water Flow did it again !


Establishment of Top Water (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (a joint venture and subsidiary of Top Water Flow in China), in order to intensify the cooperation and activities in China.
The establishment of Top Water (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. enabled us to test a 20-micron mesh on Shanghai Port sea water:

  • Biology 150,000/m³
  • Over 280m³/hour testing flow

The results were ground-breaking again, making Top Water Flow the only company world-wide to achieve these results under these extraordinary conditions