Drive safer

Clean, Sterilise, Energise the air inside your car

The TOP NORDIC Car Air Steriliser (TN-T1-300) has a specially designed ioniser conversion tube, which uses a specific voltage to convert the electrons in the atom of particles in the air into charged ions.

When the air passes through the ionisation tube, it will form millions of ions, simulating the air environment in natural mountain areas to make the indoor air “fresh”.

It is scientifically proven that negative ions have an overall positive effect on people. Negative ions increase the “energy level” of people, which is, especially when you are driving, a very welcome and safe impact. Negative ions also positively affect “the alert level” and people’s reaction, again something very desirable when on the road.

Next to filling the indoor air with negative ions, the TOP NORDIC Car Air Steriliser (TN-T1-300) effectively eliminates various indoor air pollution and air smell issues.

One of the unique features of the TOP NORDIC Car Air Steriliser (TN-T1-300) is that there is no filter inside, which means that a filter change every couple of months is not needed. The TOP NORDIC Car Air Steriliser (TN-T1-300) does not require any maintenance to remain working effectively.

The TOP NORDIC Car Air Steriliser (TN-T1-300) is powered via a standard USB micro connector, which is included.


  • It fits in most cupholders, so easy to give it a steady position in the car
  • Kills viruses and bacteria like SARS, COVID, …
  • Works with negative ions that increase alertness, energy, and concentration
  • It has no filter, so there is no need to replace a filter every 2 or 3 months
  • Ion generator has a long lifetime of at least 2 years when used 24/7

Technical specification

  • Product name: TOP NORDIC Air Steriliser
  • Product model: TN-T1-300
  • Output voltage: DC5V (USB)
  • Rated power: 9W
  • Wind adjustment: 2 modes
  • Active component: Negative ion cone
  • Circulating air volume: 15m3/h
  • Applicable area: 3m2 – 7m2
  • Noise level: 20dB
  • Weight: 350gr
  • Dimensions: 200mm x 70mm (fits in most cup holders)
  • Ion tube size: 30mm
  • Number of ion tubes: 1
  • Tube lifespan: 2 years

TN-T1-300, Front view

TN-T1-300, Top view

No filter needed
Money saving
Kills bacteria
Kills viruses
Increases energy
Increases alertness
Removes odour
Designed for car
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