Baby(Room) Air Steriliser (TN-T3-300)

Keep your Baby safe & healthy

Clean, Sterilise, Energise the air around your Baby

Keeping your Baby safe and healthy and giving your Baby the best possible conditions to grow up is all that (grand)parents want.

Top Nordic has developed a special Baby(room) Steriliser to support a safe and healthy environment for your Baby.
By generating negative ions, the Top Nordic Baby(room) Air Steriliser the air in the Baby(room) not only gets cleaner and odours get removed, but the Top Nordic Baby(room) Air Steriliser also kills bacteria and viruses. All this to keep your Baby safe and healthy.

The Top Nordic Baby(room) Air Steriliser is battery-powered and small enough to put it into the stroller with the Baby or any other place close to the Baby. All this is to give your Baby a safe and healthy environment to grow up.

On top of cleaning the air, the negative ions of the Top Nordic Baby(room) Air Steriliser increase the energy recharging of the Baby; the negative ions also have a scientifically proven positive effect on endurance, performance, and growth.

The Top Nordic Baby(room) Air Steriliser does not use a filter, so there are no maintenance costs.



  • Works with negative ions that increase alertness, energy, and concentration
  • Kills viruses and bacteria like SARS, COVID, …
  • Works with negative ions that increase alertness, energy, and concentration
  • Negative ions do also, according to scientific studies, have a positive effect on the performance, endurance and energy regeneration of people
  • It has no filter, so there is no need to replace a filter every 2 or 3 months
  • Ion generator has a long lifetime of at least 2 years when used 24/7
  • It is battery power and rechargeable via USB

Technical specification

  • Product name:              TOP NORDIC Baby(Room)Air Steriliser
  • Product model:             TN-T3-300
  • Active component:       Negative ion cone
  • Air volume:                    30m3/h
  • Weight:                           520gr
  • Voltage:                          DC 5V
  • Charging power:           5W (via USB)
  • Working power:            10W (max)
  • Battery capacity:           2500mAh
  • Applicable area:            10m2 – 20m2
  • Dimensions:                  125mm x 30mm x 300mm
  • Number of ion tubes:  1
  • Tube lifespan:               2 years


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