In our modern world with all the electronics around us, tin plating is an essential part of creating all these electronics. Tin plating is the process of depositing a coating of solderable tin plating onto the surface of material via an electrical current. Electroplating tin is an extremely cost-effective process.

During this process Sn2+ changes due to the current in the tin bath into Sn4+ and causes less efficiency and less quality on the tin plating.

Top Water Flow has developed, as far as we know right now, the first system that is able to remove the Sn4+ in full production, so the tin bath can be used over and over again.
This not only makes the tin plating, even more, cost-efficient, but it also makes it much more environmental friendly. Instead of having to stop the production, exchange cartridges, drying the cartridges and disposing them via a special company and process, Top Water Flow removes the Sn4+.

This gives many advantages:

  • production does not have to be stopped
  • no expensive cartridges are needed anymore
  • no expensive disposal of used cartridges
  • tin bath liquid can be used over and over again
  • guaranteed equal quality
  • money saving
  • environmental saving

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