During the manufacturing of products that contain metal parts stamping is a very common process step. During this process the metal parts are stamped out of a bigger metal source and the stamped parts do have sharp or not so perfect edges.
In order to make the stamped metal parts suitable for the end product a so called Tumbler machine is often used.

During this “Tumbling” process step water, stones and chemicals are used, which results in a “muddy” water solution that contains chemicals.

Top Water Flow has recently developed a “Tumbler Water Cleaning System” which removes the “mud” from the water, however, it leaves the chemicals untouched.
By doing this Top Water Flow created a closed system which means;

  • no water is wasted
  • no chemicals are wasted
  • no new public water is needed
  • the only “waste” is a solid mud that can be dried
  • money is saved by not having to buy new ingredients and by not having to dispose of used ingredients

The Top Water Flow Tumbler Water Cleaning System is available in two different versions:

  • Half-automatic
  • Full-automatic

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