An old pollution, that did not get too much attention in recent years is now getting top priority for many manufacturing companies and businesses.

VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) now has the full attention of governments in their environmental policies. VOC is a dangerous contamination of soil, air and water.

Top Water Flow has recently developed some new and high tech solutions for effectively treating VOC. Traditionally VOC is treated with UV light however UV lights have the big disadvantage of creating Ozone, so VOC is treated and instead Ozone is created. This does not seem the right way to take care of our environment.

With new and further developed excising techniques and methods Top Water Flow is treating VOC in an environmental friendly way, without creating new dangerous contaminations.

Top Water Flow’s solutions are customised for the different client needs, whether it is for a print shop, a paint shop, a moulding division or for a whole manufacturing plant Top Water Flow will customise the system in such a way that it fits client’s needs and wishes

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