Top Water Jet Flush Filter™ is a new revolutionary filter-design by Top Water Flow.

The idea behind the invention was to fix the constant clogging problems associated with traditional industrial filters and all time wasted with back washing.

The filter capacity is unique. During tests at the Port of Shanghai in 2019, using a 20 micron filter mesh, our filter measured an astonishing flow capacity of untreated, raw seawater of 300 cubic meters per hour, something that had never been achieved before.

Our filter comes in four different models:

TopWater 220, TopWater 420, TopWater 640 and TopWater 880.

All water filter systems are equipped with sensor connecting spots, before and after treatment, as standard. Additional sensors , such as UVT Sensors, TSS Sensors, TDS Sensors, Conductivity Sensors, PH Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Nuclear Radiation Sensors and more, can easily be installed.

Our filter technology is patented.

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