Water is important part of every mining and quarrying operation.

It is used to cool equipment, transport waste, control dust and separate valuables from waste.

With that high quantity of water circulating the systems, it is logical that sustainability is a big challenge.

Cleaning water for reuse, minimizing consumption, protecting and finding sources, managing waste and preventing destruction of environment takes big priority.

Impact on the nature, whether resources or ecosystem, presents a big challenge.

With water as a crucial resource in production for all the above reasons, good solution that enables reuse and cleaning at the same time is a strategic part of every mine.

As mining operations become more advanced, equipment in use has higher and higher demands and lower tolerances.

We must not forget that with ecological aspect of mining impact on the environment grows and new laws and regulations demand more and more from owners.


Using filters designed for the harshest conditions, build to withstand the constant battle with time and corrosion, proven to filter from largest bits to smallest particles, opens a way to a future where you have less problems.