A water purification system that runs on power from a solar panel that provides security for every home in the event of natural disasters and radioactive fallout.

The filter system consists of 3 filter tubes and an RO system which will produce about 8 liters of clean water per hour.

Just put the supply hose in the water, start the solar system and the pump will supply the water to the filters and clean water will come out of the filter/Ro system.

  • About 8 liters of clean water are produced per hour.

  • Cleans away bacteria, viruses and radioactive fallout.

  • Self-sufficient in electricity

  • Can also be used on remote locations

  • Robust, solid and waterproof “suitcase”

  • Also supplied with extra battery pack which is charged by the solar panel and enables you to charge a mobile phone, laptop, jumpstart a car etc.

  • No installation requirements

  • Minimum of maintenance and easy to change filter

  • CE and RoHS certified