Top Water Flow’s TWFMF-3-A is a fully automatic water membrane filtration system (drinking water).

The TWFMF-3-A uses a 0.01 μm membrane with a filtration capacity of 3000 L/h. This 0.01μm membrane removes impurities, colloids, rust, humus and bacteria such as e-coli.

Top Water Flow TWFMF-3-A works without human intervention and automatically cleans the membrane (backwash) every day to guarantee safe and healthy high-quality water.

The Top Water Flow TWFMF-3-A is ideal for any house, cottage, farm, office or other accommodation where high quality water is desired.


  • Remove impurities and colloids (Rust, Humus)

  • Remove bacteria, 99% (E-coli, Coliform, Legionella, Escherichia and Salmonella)

  • No negative effect on pressure or flow

  • Requires minimal space

  • 24V DC, safe and energy and environmentally friendly

  • CE and RoHS certified

  • Easy to install, a plumber does the job

  • Mounted to the existing water system

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Up to three automatic cleaning intervals per day

  • Duration of the cleaning interval is set in seconds

  • Once installed, turn on and enjoy worry-free, safe and healthy water