Improves comfort & hygiene in small indoor spaces up to 20m2

We’re on a mission to make small spaces more comfortable and livable, by providing compact air cleaning solutions that are easy to integrate in any space.

Arctic Air pioneers enhanced comfort and hygiene in small indoor spaces. Our cutting-edge air purifiers utilize advanced technology to create an atmosphere that prioritizes well-being, ensuring a breath of fresh and clean air in every corner for an optimal indoor experience.

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  • Ion Purification
    Ion air purification releases negative ions, removing pollutants for fresher air and improved well-being in spaces.

  • Fragrance dispensing
    Our fragrance dispenser adds a delightful touch, enhancing air purification for a refreshing and inviting atmosphere.

  • Whisper Quiet
    Arctic Air’s whisper-quiet purifier ensures clean air without disturbance, seamlessly blending tranquility and air purification excellence.

  • Easy Installation
    Effortless installation with Arctic Air—experience simplicity as our air purifiers seamlessly integrate, ensuring immediate air improvement.

Technical specifications

  • Size: 262mm * 180mm * 52mm
  • Net weight: 0.9 kg 
  • Low voltage power supply: 0.16 kg 
  • Package weight: 0.34kg
  • Total weight with packaging:  1.4KG
  • Equipped with 3 silent fans, with a noise level of 23.7dB.
  • Maximum air volume: 0.4m ³/ Minute, purifying 24m per hour ³
  • The air. Suggested elevator area ≤ 4 square meters, with an internal space of 12m ³.
  • The purification time for M1 is 30 minutes.
  • Electric parameters: 8W/hour of electricity consumption in continuous operation.
  • LED light = 1.5 w/h.
  • Negative ion module = 1.5w/h. Service life: every 10000 hours ( negative ion output decreases by 20%).
  • Negative ion output quantity: In the working state of the negative ion module, the air discharged from the air outlet has a negative ion content of 30,000,000 units/cm ³/ second.
  • Fan=5w/h, service life ≥ 30000 hours.
  • Air quality sensor: 100 micrograms/m ³.
  • When the concentration of suspended particles in the air exceeds this number, the red LED light flashes and the negative ion generator starts working. When the concentration of suspended solids in indoor air is below 100 ug/m ³, the air quality meets excellent standards and the red light automatically turns off.
  • The motion sensor has three functions: detecting distance, indoor brightness, and running time.
  • The maximum detection distance is 8 meters, and the distance set before the equipment leaves the factory is 4 meters.
  • Indoor brightness: set the brightness at which the device enters standby mode, and set all-weather standby mode before leaving the factory.
  • Running time: refers to the time when the device starts working after detecting human activity.